Sunday, December 30, 2012

Forgot to Post.....But New Ones Coming!!

****SIDE NOTE!!!! I started this last April and COMPLETELY forgot I had started it and never posted it.  So I'm still gonna post it, but then QUICKLY follow it up with more updated and recent posts :-)

I guess I should apologize for the crazy long absence I've had from the blogging world--super sorry!   The last post you read from me was about my miscarriage.  We have tried our best, as a family, to move on.  Sometimes moving on implies forgetting, but we definitely haven't forgotten (especially since the baby companies keep sending me coupons and formula and magazines and ....need I go on?!!) However, we do feel like moving on and living our life to the fullest is what is best and actually helps us to be grateful for the heartache.  In fact, moving on means I'm training for a half marathon--yes, you heard me right, a HALF MARATHON!!  You may be asking me, ARE YOU CRAZY??  And the answer is...probably!  But hopefully a good crazy that helps me get healthy and in better shape and gives me something to work towards and look forward to!!  But that aside, I hope that through sharing about the miscarriage I have helped someone or touched your heart in someway. 

As much as I'd like to say that by moving on we have happiness bubbling and are full of energy, but that isn't the case (gosh darn it!)  I still have my days on the couch, where I struggle getting my butt off of it and wish I could crawl into a hole, but what can ya do but be grateful for the days where I do have the umph and energy to get up and get going!!  There are times where I wish were a better mom, but I know my kids are still pretty happy and dealing with the mom they do have.  I just hope and pray they don't look back and wish they had a better or more involved mom.  With that being said, I would like to share some pics of happenings around the Scoubes home the last few months (that I've been MIA), so you can see we actually have been living life, and a pretty darn good one, at that!!

My Birthday and Valentine's Day (Breakfast in bed from the boys)

Oliver's Soccer Team

Extreme Air Sports

Dylan's Birthday

Mother's Day (YES! We found out on Mother's Day we are expecting!!)

Okay, so that's all for now. Hopefully more to come and updates for summer!  Thanks for bearing with me and hanging in with the SCOUBES FAMILY--we love you all!

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