Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Girls

As you all know, I have my 4 wonderful boys, whom I love to pieces.  And I can't count the number of times I've had random people, and even those close to me, ask me if we're gonna "try" for a girl.  For now, my answer is not unless the Lord sends me a very LOUD message, but I secretly think I already have my girls...and I hope my dear, dear friend doesn't mind I think of them as mine, cause really, I know they're not, but I'm so grateful she shares her girls with me and my boys (major run-on sentence!).  So for now, the Maile girls are our girls.... 

The other night we, Jared and I, planned a super fun night for the Maile Girls.  It probably was more fun for me, than for them, cause I got to play dress up--which NEVER EVER happens with boys.  We enlisted the help of my sister, Candice, since she's kind of the expert hair doer and I wouldn't have enough hands to do hair and makeup (besides, Jared isn't all that helpful in the hair and makeup department :)  We set up a hair station, a makeup station, and the boys' job was to man the game station (the Wii and a couple games we brought) and Jared was in charge of the cooking station.  We kindly asked Abby to leave so she could have some alone Mommy time.  Then we got some tunes on and had a blast listening and playing the night away!!  Here are some action shots of during the makeovers and then what we call their GLAMOUR shots of all our cute girls!

Me doing Malia's makeup 

 Candice doing Lose's hair

 Line and Conner playing the Wii while Oliver and Dylan look on

Eva wasn't really into it, this was her version of Dress Up 

Malia looking gorgeous 

 I finally convenced Eva to let me straighten her hair, super quick!

 Eva looking cute and licking her play dough popsicle

 Eli getting her hair curled

Eli's Glamour Shot 

I managed to get Ane in on the action! 

 Line getting her hair straightened

Line's Final Look--she LOVED the straight hair!
Can you believe she's only 10?!  She looks like a out Abby, she's a heartbreaker!

  I feel bad I didn't get any pictures of Jared cooking, but he was the resident Chef who cooked all of us a delicious dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs per request by the girlies.  Oh, and Ane Boo was Jared's little shadow, following him around all night long calling him "J", it was so super cute!  And I also need to share that my boys were pretty amazing little men and helped like gentlemen should.  They shared and were sweet and kind and helped make the night a success!  When my parents got wind of the fun night we had planned, they volunteered to help in any way they could.  I asked them to be the sweet grandparents they are and be in charge of dessert (fitting, right?!)  They brought us all yummy shakes and everyone gobbled them up!! 

All in all, I would say it was a successful night, and more than anything, I had my fill of GIRLS!!  Thank you, Abby, for allowing us to do this!  We love you, Maile girls!

Oliver Loses his First tooth!

We have another first around here!  Just a few days after Conner had a bunch of his teeth pulled, Oliver lost his first tooth.  If I haven't said it before, Oliver is a sweet, kind, helpful and very tender boy.  He is thoughtful and rarely needs to be asked more than once to do something.  There are days when having him is my solace and he keeps me from going crazy, unlike the other boys!  He was beyond excited to lose his first tooth, especially since he's the ripe old age of 6 1/2!  Here are his cute pics....

I love how pictures can capture the essence of an individual.  This pic totally sums up Oliver's personality--gosh I love this kid!

Funny Conversation of the Day

Me: Dylan, get your shoes on, we need to go pick up Oliver from school.
Dylan:  Ok, you want me text him to tell him we're coming?  --Then he opens up his toy cell phone and presses buttons like he's texting.
Dylan:  Mom, I told him we're coming and that Buzz is downstairs fighting Zurg in your bedroom
I begin to laugh: hee-hee-hee
Dylan:  Why you laughing, Mom?
Me: Cause you're cute...
Dylan: No I not, mom. Stop laughing.

This is funny for many reasons....  1) Since when does my 3 year old carry around his toy cell phone and 2) pretend he's texting?  3) Where did  Buzz Lightyear and Zurg come into the picture?  4) Why can't I laugh at my kid when it's totally entertaining!?!

(a pic of his massive bruise after running into the corner of the door, featuring his new weird lip-curl smile)

Thanks for putting a smile on my face today, Dylan, ya cute kid!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, we are sick around here, but this time it's hitting the adults super, Jared, and my awesome sister, Candice, who is my right hand--literally.  She helps me so much that she got sick from being around us, I'm sorry Candice!!  Conner also got pink eye for the first time on Monday and as soon as I realized it, got some prescription eye drops called in from my doctor.  I'm knocking on wood, really loud, that none of the rest of us get it!

All I can think of is, SERIOUSLY?  We're freakin sick again?  I do my best to make all of us wash hands, use hand sanitizer, and disinfect my house regularly--twice last week cause I was so happy we were healthy I wanted to keep it that way!  Go figure.  My friend texted me: well, at least you were healthy for a week. To which I have to say poo on that.  A week is nothing.  Why us?  Why this winter, with a newborn?  This is the worst winter I can remember in all our winters of being sick--is having 3 boys in school now the reason?  Curse you school germs!  Or curse my inability to not go stir crazy in the winter by staying home all day--I probably go out too much which lends us more to getting sick--dang PPD!  Ok, I'll stop the pity party.  Sorry you had to read this.  I really just needed to vent more than anything. Thanks for listening.

Soon to come....Oliver losing his first tooth--another first! And our fun night with some adorable girls. But that will have to wait till I'm feeling a little better. Laters.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Good to Not Share

Sorry if I'm blogging too much, but in the beginning I warned this blog was partially going to be a journal, of sorts.  Besides, this story is just too good to not share!!

Yesterday morning I was changing Aiden's diaper and getting him out of his jammies and into some clothes.  I decided his bare belly was just too delicious and held him up to give it kisses.  As I was kissing his belly, moving up to his chin, I was awarded with a mouthful of spit ups--ugh, beyond gross!  It dribbled in my mouth, down my face, to my shirt and even into my cleavage--yuck!  Nothing like a morning bath of stinky spits.  Jared and the boys were laughing as I tried to not throw up and as they handed me wipes to clean myself off.  I decided after that to give myself a real shower that didn't involve baby barf.  So...there is a first for everything, even after the 4th boy I got my first mouthfull of stuff I hope I never get again!  :) 
(Like I said, delicious belly! Our version of Baby Shrek)

See, I told you it was too good to not share!

ps. cute things about Aiden at 3 months: he crinkles his nose when he smiles really big. He loves to move and kick on the floor as long as he can see someone--as soon as we're out of his sight, he starts crying.  He is cooing/talking (baby talk) and his top lip is super cute when he talks to me.  He loves to cuddle up next to mommy to sleep (good and bad).  He's the light of all of our lives!

First Giggles...

Here's Aidens first real giggles, compliments of his Uncle Cameron.  I'm actually quite pleased with myself that I had the camera close enough to be able to get this on video!!  Just try not to smile as you're watching it! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too Funny!

Oh man, it's been a crazy, funny day for the Scoubes Family!!  As a little background, Conner and Oliver were rough-housing a few nights ago when Oliver's knee went so lovingly into Conner's top front teeth.  Of course he cried and it bled a little, but as the days progressed, he's still been in a lot of pain.  I decided to call our pediatric dentist and have the now grayish teeth looked at.  Oh, of course, there was an infection, and of course there were only two options; option 1: to take antibiotics or option 2: pull the 2 front teeth, and while we're at it, the 2 side teeth also, cause he just so happens to be the son of parents who both have rather large teeth, hence his 2 permanent teeth are the size of 4 of his baby teeth!  I asked Conner what he wanted to do and I think the $ dollar signs$ from the tooth fairy swayed his little mind and he wanted the teeth out!  After some very brave pokes and pulls, this is the end result.  Isn't he a great impersonation of an old man?!

 Ok, next funny story and Quote of the day.  Dylan took a bath tonight and afterwards came down from getting ear cleaners looking like this.  After I snapped a couple of quick pics, he asked, "Momma, what I can do to make you happy?" (yes, his wording).  I didn't really have time for this, but those big brown eyes and sweet offer couldn't be ignored.  I wanted to get a brush out of my bathroom for him to brush my hair (which he surprisingly likes to do) but since my washer was blocking my bathroom door (beyond frustrating!) I went and sat down and said, "you can tickle my back".  He pulled up my shirts and this is what followed... "What's that slime, momma?"  Oh, PRICELESS, cause that slime would be the sweat on my back!! 
 Next crazy story is from our Oliver who runs, jumps, bumps and hops around our house and everything he possibly can.  He comes down from his room this morning crying pretty hard.  He then shows me a rather large couple of welts on his back that have already started bruising.  I asked what happened and he replied that he did a somersault and hit his back on the wall. Hmmmmm, a wall can leave 2 huge welts? Yeah, I think not.  So I inquire some more, have him walk me up to his room and the truth comes out.  He was trying to do a DIVING SOMERSAULT through the end of his bunkbed onto the bed, itself, and ended up nailing his back on the frame of the bed.  WHAT THE...?  Really?  I'm not so sure the kid thought that one through, but maybe there won't be anymore diving somersaults.....maybe.  Here's some pics of the bruises, which totally don't do it justice or show just how bad they are.

 Last and most pathetic (on more than one level); as Conner was looking through my many stacks of unfolded, yet clean clothes to find a pair of pajama bottoms, he pulled out one of mine instead.  My sister jokingly said he could wear those when my dumb mouth piped up and said he'd probably fit in just one leg of my pants.  Oh, leave it to Candice and Conner to prove me right.  This picture is the pathetic truth that my son is the size of just one of my fatty legs.....sad and pathetic.

Hope you had a good laugh at our expense, I know I did!!  No doubt today kept me busy, laughing and in constant awe of my family.  Too funny!  Nighty night. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!
 Woke up to this....well, there was a full plate before the boys and I devoured it :) 
 Here's just one of my many men in in my life....notice the cute V-Day shirt I bought for him
 And my boys keeping each other think Aiden's too young to start on the Nintendo?!
 And Oliver is such a great big brother.....just had to jump in the picture

Thanks to my sweetheart husband who is sooooo AMAZING!  He made me a delicious seafood fettucine dinner last night with fresh asparagus and a cookie dough (with homemade cookie dough) shake for dessert!  Delish!!  PLUS, he had fresh roses delivered for me--you see, having my birthday AND Valentine's Day on the same day puts a little extra pressure on the mister...hence all the extras!!!  I LOVE YOU, BABE!

And as we told the boys the other night when we went on a date and they asked us what we did.....
Enjoy some lovey dovey, smoochy woochy time!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quote of the Day~~so funny!

This is my nephew, Taj, who is visiting from southern California--totally looks like a southern Cali kid, right? He's such a cute boy and genuinely sweet and very loving.  As I was changing baby Aiden's diaper I asked him if he had ever seen yellow poop.  His response?  "Oh, yellow poop, that's my favorite color!"  Awesome, huh?!  Totally cute cuz what I think he meant to say was that yellow was his favorite color.  So is yellow poop your favorite color??? :)

Quick tidbits....

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I posted!  We all got super sick last week and I was a single mom, since Jared was out of town for 6 days--yes, six very looooong days when I had mastitis, Dylan is coughing like crazy, Aiden got a cold, and Conner threw up in his bed in the middle of the night!  I was reminded by a wise woman to just take it one day at a time!  I survived though and so grateful he got home safe and sound and to a relatively sane family :)  When he's gone, I realize just how much he does for us on a daily basis and I'm so grateful for him, his love, and all his hard work!

We had Aiden's 2 month checkup a couple of weeks ago, and even though I've said this before, I can't believe how fast he's growing and the time is flying!  He weighs close to 12 pounds and is in the 53rd percentile and is 22.5 inches long and the 32nd percentile for height.  I absolutely love his smiles, he is a super happy baby and as you can tell from the pictures, he's getting so chubby!

And in other random tidbits, this is what the boys do when they are supposed to be getting on their jammies......

Yes, that is my life.....and it's a great one at that!