Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!
 Woke up to this....well, there was a full plate before the boys and I devoured it :) 
 Here's just one of my many men in in my life....notice the cute V-Day shirt I bought for him
 And my boys keeping each other think Aiden's too young to start on the Nintendo?!
 And Oliver is such a great big brother.....just had to jump in the picture

Thanks to my sweetheart husband who is sooooo AMAZING!  He made me a delicious seafood fettucine dinner last night with fresh asparagus and a cookie dough (with homemade cookie dough) shake for dessert!  Delish!!  PLUS, he had fresh roses delivered for me--you see, having my birthday AND Valentine's Day on the same day puts a little extra pressure on the mister...hence all the extras!!!  I LOVE YOU, BABE!

And as we told the boys the other night when we went on a date and they asked us what we did.....
Enjoy some lovey dovey, smoochy woochy time!

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  1. Of all holidays to have a birthday on, Valentines would be THE BEST! Happy Birthday, glad you have been treated like a queen!