Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, we are sick around here, but this time it's hitting the adults super, Jared, and my awesome sister, Candice, who is my right hand--literally.  She helps me so much that she got sick from being around us, I'm sorry Candice!!  Conner also got pink eye for the first time on Monday and as soon as I realized it, got some prescription eye drops called in from my doctor.  I'm knocking on wood, really loud, that none of the rest of us get it!

All I can think of is, SERIOUSLY?  We're freakin sick again?  I do my best to make all of us wash hands, use hand sanitizer, and disinfect my house regularly--twice last week cause I was so happy we were healthy I wanted to keep it that way!  Go figure.  My friend texted me: well, at least you were healthy for a week. To which I have to say poo on that.  A week is nothing.  Why us?  Why this winter, with a newborn?  This is the worst winter I can remember in all our winters of being sick--is having 3 boys in school now the reason?  Curse you school germs!  Or curse my inability to not go stir crazy in the winter by staying home all day--I probably go out too much which lends us more to getting sick--dang PPD!  Ok, I'll stop the pity party.  Sorry you had to read this.  I really just needed to vent more than anything. Thanks for listening.

Soon to come....Oliver losing his first tooth--another first! And our fun night with some adorable girls. But that will have to wait till I'm feeling a little better. Laters.



  1. It's hitting everyone hard this year. Tammy and I were just talking about it yesterday. We are hardly sick here usually and we've all been hit this winter. I have strep right now... SUCKY! And Max had it really bad a couple of weeks ago- like I've never seen before. So, my point is, I feel you. Hope you get better soon and hoping that awful pink eye doesn't spread.

  2. I agree...poo on that for sure. I want you to feel better, and feel better soon!