Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too Funny!

Oh man, it's been a crazy, funny day for the Scoubes Family!!  As a little background, Conner and Oliver were rough-housing a few nights ago when Oliver's knee went so lovingly into Conner's top front teeth.  Of course he cried and it bled a little, but as the days progressed, he's still been in a lot of pain.  I decided to call our pediatric dentist and have the now grayish teeth looked at.  Oh, of course, there was an infection, and of course there were only two options; option 1: to take antibiotics or option 2: pull the 2 front teeth, and while we're at it, the 2 side teeth also, cause he just so happens to be the son of parents who both have rather large teeth, hence his 2 permanent teeth are the size of 4 of his baby teeth!  I asked Conner what he wanted to do and I think the $ dollar signs$ from the tooth fairy swayed his little mind and he wanted the teeth out!  After some very brave pokes and pulls, this is the end result.  Isn't he a great impersonation of an old man?!

 Ok, next funny story and Quote of the day.  Dylan took a bath tonight and afterwards came down from getting ear cleaners looking like this.  After I snapped a couple of quick pics, he asked, "Momma, what I can do to make you happy?" (yes, his wording).  I didn't really have time for this, but those big brown eyes and sweet offer couldn't be ignored.  I wanted to get a brush out of my bathroom for him to brush my hair (which he surprisingly likes to do) but since my washer was blocking my bathroom door (beyond frustrating!) I went and sat down and said, "you can tickle my back".  He pulled up my shirts and this is what followed... "What's that slime, momma?"  Oh, PRICELESS, cause that slime would be the sweat on my back!! 
 Next crazy story is from our Oliver who runs, jumps, bumps and hops around our house and everything he possibly can.  He comes down from his room this morning crying pretty hard.  He then shows me a rather large couple of welts on his back that have already started bruising.  I asked what happened and he replied that he did a somersault and hit his back on the wall. Hmmmmm, a wall can leave 2 huge welts? Yeah, I think not.  So I inquire some more, have him walk me up to his room and the truth comes out.  He was trying to do a DIVING SOMERSAULT through the end of his bunkbed onto the bed, itself, and ended up nailing his back on the frame of the bed.  WHAT THE...?  Really?  I'm not so sure the kid thought that one through, but maybe there won't be anymore diving somersaults.....maybe.  Here's some pics of the bruises, which totally don't do it justice or show just how bad they are.

 Last and most pathetic (on more than one level); as Conner was looking through my many stacks of unfolded, yet clean clothes to find a pair of pajama bottoms, he pulled out one of mine instead.  My sister jokingly said he could wear those when my dumb mouth piped up and said he'd probably fit in just one leg of my pants.  Oh, leave it to Candice and Conner to prove me right.  This picture is the pathetic truth that my son is the size of just one of my fatty legs.....sad and pathetic.

Hope you had a good laugh at our expense, I know I did!!  No doubt today kept me busy, laughing and in constant awe of my family.  Too funny!  Nighty night. 

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