Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Girls

As you all know, I have my 4 wonderful boys, whom I love to pieces.  And I can't count the number of times I've had random people, and even those close to me, ask me if we're gonna "try" for a girl.  For now, my answer is not unless the Lord sends me a very LOUD message, but I secretly think I already have my girls...and I hope my dear, dear friend doesn't mind I think of them as mine, cause really, I know they're not, but I'm so grateful she shares her girls with me and my boys (major run-on sentence!).  So for now, the Maile girls are our girls.... 

The other night we, Jared and I, planned a super fun night for the Maile Girls.  It probably was more fun for me, than for them, cause I got to play dress up--which NEVER EVER happens with boys.  We enlisted the help of my sister, Candice, since she's kind of the expert hair doer and I wouldn't have enough hands to do hair and makeup (besides, Jared isn't all that helpful in the hair and makeup department :)  We set up a hair station, a makeup station, and the boys' job was to man the game station (the Wii and a couple games we brought) and Jared was in charge of the cooking station.  We kindly asked Abby to leave so she could have some alone Mommy time.  Then we got some tunes on and had a blast listening and playing the night away!!  Here are some action shots of during the makeovers and then what we call their GLAMOUR shots of all our cute girls!

Me doing Malia's makeup 

 Candice doing Lose's hair

 Line and Conner playing the Wii while Oliver and Dylan look on

Eva wasn't really into it, this was her version of Dress Up 

Malia looking gorgeous 

 I finally convenced Eva to let me straighten her hair, super quick!

 Eva looking cute and licking her play dough popsicle

 Eli getting her hair curled

Eli's Glamour Shot 

I managed to get Ane in on the action! 

 Line getting her hair straightened

Line's Final Look--she LOVED the straight hair!
Can you believe she's only 10?!  She looks like a out Abby, she's a heartbreaker!

  I feel bad I didn't get any pictures of Jared cooking, but he was the resident Chef who cooked all of us a delicious dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs per request by the girlies.  Oh, and Ane Boo was Jared's little shadow, following him around all night long calling him "J", it was so super cute!  And I also need to share that my boys were pretty amazing little men and helped like gentlemen should.  They shared and were sweet and kind and helped make the night a success!  When my parents got wind of the fun night we had planned, they volunteered to help in any way they could.  I asked them to be the sweet grandparents they are and be in charge of dessert (fitting, right?!)  They brought us all yummy shakes and everyone gobbled them up!! 

All in all, I would say it was a successful night, and more than anything, I had my fill of GIRLS!!  Thank you, Abby, for allowing us to do this!  We love you, Maile girls!


  1. That's awesome! The girls probably loved it!! I'm sure Abby loved the much needed time away too. You're a great friend! I kind of think of those girls as my girls too...they're just so easy to love!

  2. Amanda,
    I didn't even know you had a blog until I read Abby's post. What a wonderful thing to do! It looks like you ALL had a blast!

  3. Cute blog and a way cute idea for the girls. I love to do that with mine. I love your family picture, too. Your baby is DARLING!

  4. This looks like so much fun. I'm so glad the girls got to have a fun makeover night. And thanks for taking them for Abby. I wish I could do that but am too far away! Thanks for being there for her. :-) (This is Ab's sister, Jackie.)

  5. SO CUTE that you girls did that, makes me cry to know you're helping take care of my girls since I'm not there to do it...thanks so much guys, love you.