Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Good to Not Share

Sorry if I'm blogging too much, but in the beginning I warned this blog was partially going to be a journal, of sorts.  Besides, this story is just too good to not share!!

Yesterday morning I was changing Aiden's diaper and getting him out of his jammies and into some clothes.  I decided his bare belly was just too delicious and held him up to give it kisses.  As I was kissing his belly, moving up to his chin, I was awarded with a mouthful of spit ups--ugh, beyond gross!  It dribbled in my mouth, down my face, to my shirt and even into my cleavage--yuck!  Nothing like a morning bath of stinky spits.  Jared and the boys were laughing as I tried to not throw up and as they handed me wipes to clean myself off.  I decided after that to give myself a real shower that didn't involve baby barf.  So...there is a first for everything, even after the 4th boy I got my first mouthfull of stuff I hope I never get again!  :) 
(Like I said, delicious belly! Our version of Baby Shrek)

See, I told you it was too good to not share!

ps. cute things about Aiden at 3 months: he crinkles his nose when he smiles really big. He loves to move and kick on the floor as long as he can see someone--as soon as we're out of his sight, he starts crying.  He is cooing/talking (baby talk) and his top lip is super cute when he talks to me.  He loves to cuddle up next to mommy to sleep (good and bad).  He's the light of all of our lives!


  1. YES, all three posts made me laugh! And I can just hear you voicing everything you have said and I that makes it even better :)

  2. Spencer and I love to watch Aiden peek over Jared's shoulder in Sacrament Meeting. I love that Spencer thinks your littlest guy is so cute!