Sunday, January 9, 2011


Postpartum depression....hmmmm, what more to say.  Well, actually, let's just say it has a funny way of hitting you up side the head and makes you hurt--physically, mentally, and emotionally. That's all.


  1. Hey there. Give me a call...anytime. I'm so sorry. As if having a new baby isn't hard enough right?

  2. I'm so sorry, Amanda. I know how very precious Aiden is to you and that he's such a desired the feelings you have must be so hard to face. Know that you are in my thoughts and I'm always here for you if you need anything!

  3. Hey girl - I'm so glad you have a blog! I used to blog faithfully - now it's kinda hit and miss - but I can definitely relate to this post of yours. I won't write a novel here in your comments, but know that you are not alone! Hugs!