Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Imagination and Creativity

So we try our absolute hardest to not allow the kids to do any "electronics" on Sunday--which includes TV, the computer (games), the nintendo, Wii, etc.  It's usually a battle and we have to give suggestions/ideas over and over again as to what they can do, but on this particular Sunday, their own imagination and creativity took over.  I wasn't quite sure what they were up to, all I knew is it was fun to hear the boys all getting along and giggling their heads off.  When you get gems of pictures like these, it makes every ounce of being a mommy worth it... 
What's stuffed inside Dylan's pjs, you might ask?  Oh, just wait..... 

Balls.....ooodles and oodles of balls 

like this many balls 

Conner wanted to join in on the fun.
Who's that Spartan with junk in the trunk?  (oh, did that just age me??)

I wish my junk in the trunk was as cute as his!

So, there you have it, imagination and creativity at it's best.    

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