Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break

I knew Jared would be traveling during the month of April, but of course it just had to fall on the week of Spring Break.  So I decided to still venture out and do some fun activities with my boys--some with the help of my right hand woman--Candice.  The boys had been begging to see this....

It was cute, but a little slow.  However, the boys have been quoting it and singing the songs from it all week, so it was a success in our house!

We also were able to see some friends of ours that we hadn't seen in WAY TOO LONG!  They were nice enough to come along with us to the Living Planet Aquarium, up in Sandy.  Conner LOVED petting the sting rays, but Oliver and Dylan wouldn't even consider it.  I want them to try new things, but realized I can't force them (gosh darn it!)  We got some cute pics and the boys loved seeing their best girl friends, Marley, Gwen and Daphne.  And Aiden and I loved Hailey's and Dex's company as well!! 
 Sting Ray touch pool
 Loving the penguins 
 How big are you compared to a penguin???
 Just my size
 This is a cool mural on the wall (not a live pic)

 All the kiddos!
 The whole gang, moms and all!

Then we had a couple of days of cold and rain, but on Friday it cleared up and we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.  The boys were in hog heaven (ha-ha)

 Conner was lucky enough to hold a brand new baby goat!  So cute!
 This is a RARE occurrence...that Oliver actually pet an animal, and a horse no less!  
 My 3 little bandits
 Conner had no problems feeding any of the animals--horses, cow, pigs, and the alpaca (sp?)
 Dylan would do it with the help from mommy
 Conner riding Nina, the horse
 Oliver riding the pony, Missy
 Dylan riding the pony, Sugar
 And we can't forget little Aiden!  This cute little boy was such a trooper with the cold breeze and so happy despite being wrapped up like a nun :)
On the wagon ride

 We hit the park a couple of times and enjoyed a couple of sleepovers up at Grandpa and Grandma's with Aunt Candice.  Despite daddy being gone, we still managed to have a fun and relatively happy Spring Break!

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