Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Loving Springtime

I'm so grateful that spring is FINALLY coming around. It makes for nice days, sitting out on the lawn, my boys playing soccer, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and taking cute baby pictures.  Oliver was determined to make Aiden smile while wearing his hat.
 No smile...
 Not yet....

Ever heard of April Showers Bring May Flowers?  Dylan came home from preschool singing these songs, "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day"  and "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. He bumped his head and fell in bed and didn't get up till the morning"  Then his brother so lovingly helped him do this to aid in the singing of the songs. 
 (yes, that would be a tongue depresser umbrella TAPED to his cute face)

Speaking of playing soccer, we have finally broached the time of signing our kids up for community organized sports.  "What?" you might be asking, your kids are how old and they are just now getting involved in organized sports??  Well, I took my older sister's advice and waited till the boys are a little more coordinated, not to mention saving myself a couple extra years of being a TAXI momma.  Oliver has chosen to play soccer and Conner wants to play baseball. So after checking and re-checking on their sport of choice, I signed them up and paid the money.

Here's a great little story for ya.  Hope you enjoy, or at least can commiserate with me :)
The anticipation builds and Oliver's first soccer game is approaching.  He practices outside with friends and brothers, we go buy soccer cleats and shin guards, and he wears the cleats each day after he gets home from school so he can practice (pretty cute). We tell friends and family about the game and the day arrives.  Oliver is dressed and ready at 3, even though the game doesn't start till 5.  We get there, we introduce him to the other boys  **Little sidenote, his team has decided not to have any practices because it's just too hard to get 14 boys' schedules coordinated (WHATEVER!) And this is a team that already played in the fall together so we are a late sign-up, which equals not really knowing anyone**  He kicks the ball around, makes some shots in the goal, and runs up and down the field.  This is where is starts to go downhill...the coach has them line up to do some one on one soccer drills--pretty normal, right?  Well, not for Oliver.  Why would he want to take the ball away from anyone else?  Ok, so I pull him over, ask him if he remembers all the stuff I've taught him and playing in the backyard and what not, but he's already starting the tears...REALLY?  The game hasn't even started yet!  I'm thinking, "oh boy, patience, please have patience, Amanda!!"  He gets back out there and tries again, but not really.  Then the whistle blows and within minutes, the boys are on the field to play.  This is what I saw... 
Followed by this...
And after 45 minutes of talking, explaining, convincing, coaxing, and BRIBING by me, dad, and even Grandpa, we were still here....
It was maddening, frustrating, and I wanted to rip my hair out, but there was no convincing this boy to try to play.  Jared kept telling me to relax, it was his FIRST TIME EVER, and we needed to give him a chance and not scar him.  Afterall, he had never met the other boys, never had a practice, never played in a game before.  With that being said, we left and rather abruptly--it wasn't one of my finer moments (hey, at least I can admit it).  However, since then I've calmed down as has the little soccer player.  We talked it out, calmly and lovingly.  He's assured us he'll try again, or at least try...since there was no trying last time, just crying.  We have a soccer game in another couple of days and I hope to report much better results and even have some smiles in the mix.  As annoyed as I was with Oliver, this all makes sense....this is our loving, kind, tender hearted, always wanting to help others boy.  It's no surprise he doesn't wanna go out and fight over the ball with 8 other little boys!  Who knows, maybe it's back to the drawing board with sports--how 'bout an individual sport, like swimming or golf ?? Despite my sharing this story, frustrations and all, I hope you all know how much I love my sweet little Oliver! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me and reading!  Have a great day!


  1. Amanda this is Josh and Kaylin I found your blog:) I love it we just signed our girls up for the first time for T Ball/Softball. We will see how this year goes for us. Good luck.

  2. Okay, that's Nick. Those sweet boys of ours and their kind hearts. Nick has such a problem getting in there on the action and kicking. I mean, who can blame him? He's been told not to kick others for all of his life, right? Don't give up on Oliver! Just last week Nick actually made a goal! Of course, it was more like a in the right place at the right time goal (or so I heard because I was at home with a sick kid), but he couldn't have been happier!

    Oh my novel, thanks for hanging in there in reading this!
    P.S. We should totally get Oliver & Nick together!