Sunday, April 17, 2011

Soccer Game, Take Two...

So we attempted soccer game #2.  We practiced, we pushed, we raced.  We did our best to prepare Ollie for his 2nd attempt, hoping it would be a positive experience.  And guess what?  It was! 
This face says it all
Not a tear in sight!
He practiced with his teammates (it helped that dad was on the field with him)
 See? Number 15 is vying for the ball! 
And after the game he was still happy, saying he LOVED soccer and I quote, "It's a blast!" 

 Thanks for trying again Oliver and for all the love and support from Dad, Grandpa and his brothers.  And Cyndi, thanks for sharing the story about Nick, it actually really helped Oliver feel like he wasn't alone in feeling the way he did!  You are a part of his success!  Soccer is officially a Scoubes Family sport!  Now let's just cross our fingers when Conner's first baseball experience rolls around it's a positive one!

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